Director: Alex F. Ghassan (aka Alex G)
Executive Producer: BKLYN1834
Starring: Angela "Overkill" Hill
Album: Rubber Souls (2013)

BKLYN1834 proudly presents the third official music video off Tanya Morgan's album, Rubber Souls (2013). After a brief hiatus, these hip-hop veterans return with their soulful lyricism, putting forth perhaps their best project to date. The track, "Worldmade," also features some bars from 6th Sensewho executive produced the album. 

Alex G intercuts footage of Tanya Morgan in their element, the recording studio, with footage of MMA upstart, Angela "Overkill" Hill, training in her Brooklyn neighborhood. Von Pea of Tanya Morgan said that "'Worldmade' is a continuation of a song we put out called 'In The City' on the You and What Army EP. From our city to the world. It speaks on how we all value ourselves and each other, and how that leads to the way we are valued by those in positions to help us...the people vs. our leaders." 

Rubber Souls is available on iTunes now.