BKLYN1834 presents 
Live Footage performing "American Bravado"
Featuring Fourty Pounds and Ksmoove of Lyve Tyme
Directed by aaronisnotcool
Produced by Kate Pritchard
Sound by Nolan Thies

Filmed at 229w43

BKLYN1834 presents 
Ro James performing “A.D.I.D.A.S.”
Featuring Danny Garcia

Directed by aaronisnotcool
Produced by Aaron Vazquez & Erik Groszyk
Sound: Erik Groszyk

Filmed at The Cathedral of Junk in Austin, Texas


The Brooklyn duo denitia and sene saw their chemistry and dedication pay off in 2013. Their debut LP, his and hers (2013), featured the critically-acclaimed songs, "casanova," "she's not the only one," and "blah.blah.blah."

In the winter of 2013, BKLYN1834 collaborated closely with the rising stars, including this BKLYN AIR performance. The three-minute video was shot in one take by director, aaronisnotcool. In this episode, the duo performs an intimate version of "trip.fall" in the luxe confines of a boutique hotel room in Brooklyn. Sene, the group's writer/producer, appears on screen first. The alluring sound of Denitia's singing emerges above the rush of the running shower.

After the video, you can stream the studio version of "trip.fall" via SoundCloud and check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes gallery from the video shoot. His and hers is available now on iTunes.

BKLYN1834 presents 
The ClubCasa performing "DNA"
Featuring Foe Destroyer
Directed by aaronisnotcool
Produced by Kate Pritchard, Erik Groszyk, shamz, & Andrew Thomas Reid
Sound: Erik Groszyk
DA: Elizabeth Godley


As a singer in Prince's iconic New Power Generation, Liv Warfield has remained one of music's best-kept secrets. However, Liv's prowess is on full display on her new album, The Unexpected (2014). The album features "Why Do You Lie," a powerful track that she performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. 

BKLYN1834 caught up with Liv at the Bossert Hotel in Brooklyn Heights, where she was generous enough to talk about her musical inspirations and perform an acoustic version of "Catch Me If You Can."  Ryan Waters, one of New York's most respected guitarists, also joins the performance. The Manhattan skyline serves as the backdrop of the video, which features a three-minute shot by director, aaronisnotcool

After the video, you can stream the studio version of “Catch Me If You Can” via SoundCloud while you browse our exclusive behind-the-scenes photos. The Unexpected is available for purchase on iTunes.


Despite her youth, Masha is already a well-seasoned musician. A demo Masha recorded with her father caught the attention of the elite songwriter, Claude Kelly, who has spent most of the past decade working with the biggest names in pop music. He has since signed Masha to his label, Carousel Records. Masha's debut EP, Stupid, Stupid Dreams was released in October, 2013.

We filmed Masha performing her track "Ugly" at the exclusive Room 17 Studio in Bushwick, where she often works. She introduces this episode of the BKLYN AIR series by describing her passion for singing. The acoustic performance is supported by Brooklyn-based producer, ATR777, on guitar. Masha's powerful vocals and introspective songwriting are both highlighted in this performance, which director, aaronisnotcool, manages to capture in a single take.   

The studio version of "Ugly" can be streamed below via SoundCloud. Also check out behind-the-scenes photos from the the day of the shoot. Masha's YouTube channel has eclipsed three million plays to date. Stupid, Stupid Dreams is available on iTunes now.


Kendra Morris combines elements of funk, soul and R&B to create a sound that has earned a cult following on New York City's music scene. Wax Poetics Records took notice and released her first album, Banshee, in 2012. Kendra's discography includes a collaboration with the legendary DJ Premier. 

We met Kendra tucked away in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, where she hypnotized us with a rendition of her single, "Winding." This episode of the BKLYN AIR series opens with Kendra discussing her personal philosophy and the inspiration to this track. Jeremy Page accompanies Kendra with a slick keytar and boombox, while director aaronisnotcool manages to capture the moment in a meandering, three-and-a-half minute shot. The action unfolded along a waterfall deep in one of Brooklyn's most enchanting public parks, on an autumn day we won't soon forget. 

After you check out the video, be sure to stream the studio version of "Winding" while you browse our gallery of behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot. Banshee is available on iTunes.


Christi Gehrisch - Moonlit Hours

dir: aaronisnotcool
sound: Nolan Thies


If you’re fortunate enough to know Ro James' underrated series of EPs, Coke (2013), Jack (2013), and Cadillacs (2013), then you're familiar with his mesmerizing track, "Indiana Jones." It's his deeply-personal tale of losing love, moving on, and handling the return of a bygone lover. 

BKLYN1834 filmed Ro along abandoned railroad tracks in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, as part of our BKLYN AIR series. Ro performs his track in a single take, captured by director, aaronisnotcool. The episode opens with Ro discussing his experience of falling in love at a young age, and how that has inspired his music. The Brooklyn-based producer, ATR77, provides the buoyant keys beneath James‘ rich vocals. James' honest approach to R&B is on full display, as he achieves a level of vulnerability rarely seen in today's pop landscape.

After the video, you can stream the studio version of “Indiana Jones” via SoundCloud, while you browse our behind-the-scenes photos from Ro's show at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan. Ro James’ EPs, CokeJackand Cadillacs can all be purchased on iTunes.

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