Starring: Pharoahe Monch & Desiree Godsell
Production: BKLYN1834
Director’s Assistant: Erik Groszyk
Production Assistant: Elizabeth Godley
Wardrobe: Elizabeth Godley & Shireen Rahimi
Production Manager: Kate Pritchard & Femi “shamz” Obasaju
Location: 229w43 & The Club Casa
Writing & Direction: aaronisnotcool

It was important to us to preserve Pharoahe’s use of double entendre that he uses within the song. We’ve seen this before with Monch, in "Stray Bullet" and "Gun Draws", he personifies the bullet and the violence. However in this story, he is the affected by substance abuse personified or a drug metaphor for an addictive relationship. We didn’t want to go either way because we felt like it was important to the song to be up to the listener’s interpretation, and we wanted to create a piece that did the same thing.


Photography by Dondre Green

We were lucky enough to have the talented photographer Dondre Green to come document our filming of "Broken Again"


Extra Behind The Scenes

denitia and sene. runnin.

Starring: denitia and sene
Featuring: Nolan Thies, Pace Rivers, & Elizabeth Godley as the Runners
Executive Producer: BKLYN1834
Production Manager: Andrew Thomas Reid
Production Assistant: Elizabeth Godley
Wardrobe: Elizabeth Godley
Make-up: Jypsy Jeyfree
Location: The Club Casa
Writing & Direction: aaronisnotcool


RO JAMES - LISA (feat. Asher Roth)

Director/DP/Post-Production: aaronisnotcool
Treatment: Sae the Writer & Aaron Vazquez
Executive Producer: BKLYN1834
Producer: Andrew Thomas Reid
Creative Directors: Keith White & Eddie Blackmon 
1st AD: Katelin Saubestre 
Choreography: Octavia Yearwood

The video's director, Aaron, had this to say about the video:

'Lisa' is the third set of visuals from Ro James’ 3-part EP series, Coke, Jack, & Cadillacs. Despite the song's title, Lisa is actually the 'rebound' Ro meets in a bar right after a break-up. We wanted to make this story a surreal chase between Ro and his past. Lisa appears only to remind Ro that, in his mind, all women fall short of his past love. Because of the lyrics, the music production, and Ro’s black & white aesthetic, we were inspired to explore the visuals using elements of Film Noir.

After streaming the video, be sure to check out our gallery of behind-the-scenes photos from the video shoot. 


Director: Pace Rivers
Executive Producer: BKLYN1834
EP: Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent (2013)
Label: Stones Throw Records
Location: Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

BKLYN1834 proudly presents the official music video for Homeboy Sandman’s "Men Are Mortal," the first visuals from Sandman's 2013 EP, Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent. The video was directed by Pace Rivers, who juxtaposes the track's blazing lyrics with languid visuals of Sandman jumping rope. Rivers, a long-time collaborator of Sandman's, also employs a surprise ending in a mind-bending allusion to the song’s title.


denitia and sene. call u.

Director: aaronisnotcool
Executive Producer: BKLYN1834
LP: his and hers. (2013)

BKLYN1834 proudly presents the last official visuals from denitia and sene's debut LP, his and hers. The ethereal video was shot at The Club Casa, an artist residence housed in a Victorian-style mansion in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Nearly a year after the iTunes release of his and hers., the 60-second video commemorated the LP's vinyl release on February 11, 2014.

Director aaronisnotcool reflected the song's minimalist production using profile shots of the artists' silhouettes. Aaron succeeds in bringing the darker, more elusive aspects of the artists' personas to the forefront without eliminating the playfulness and wit for which they are known. The "call u." video is an intimate portrait of two rising stars.

BKLYN1834 presents
The official music video for John Forte's single "Gucci Time"

Director: Alex F. Ghassan (aka Alex G)
Executive Producer: BKLYN1834
Starring: Angela "Overkill" Hill
Album: Rubber Souls (2013)

BKLYN1834 proudly presents the third official music video off Tanya Morgan's album, Rubber Souls (2013). After a brief hiatus, these hip-hop veterans return with their soulful lyricism, putting forth perhaps their best project to date. The track, "Worldmade," also features some bars from 6th Sensewho executive produced the album. 

Alex G intercuts footage of Tanya Morgan in their element, the recording studio, with footage of MMA upstart, Angela "Overkill" Hill, training in her Brooklyn neighborhood. Von Pea of Tanya Morgan said that "'Worldmade' is a continuation of a song we put out called 'In The City' on the You and What Army EP. From our city to the world. It speaks on how we all value ourselves and each other, and how that leads to the way we are valued by those in positions to help us...the people vs. our leaders." 

Rubber Souls is available on iTunes now.