RO JAMES - LISA (feat. Asher Roth)

Director/DP/Post-Production: aaronisnotcool
Treatment: Sae the Writer & Aaron Vazquez
Executive Producer: BKLYN1834
Producer: Andrew Thomas Reid
Creative Directors: Keith White & Eddie Blackmon 
1st AD: Katelin Saubestre 
Choreography: Octavia Yearwood

The video's director, Aaron, had this to say about the video:

'Lisa' is the third set of visuals from Ro James’ 3-part EP series, Coke, Jack, & Cadillacs. Despite the song's title, Lisa is actually the 'rebound' Ro meets in a bar right after a break-up. We wanted to make this story a surreal chase between Ro and his past. Lisa appears only to remind Ro that, in his mind, all women fall short of his past love. Because of the lyrics, the music production, and Ro’s black & white aesthetic, we were inspired to explore the visuals using elements of Film Noir.

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