Kendra Morris combines elements of funk, soul and R&B to create a sound that has earned a cult following on New York City's music scene. Wax Poetics Records took notice and released her first album, Banshee, in 2012. Kendra's discography includes a collaboration with the legendary DJ Premier. 

We met Kendra tucked away in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, where she hypnotized us with a rendition of her single, "Winding." This episode of the BKLYN AIR series opens with Kendra discussing her personal philosophy and the inspiration to this track. Jeremy Page accompanies Kendra with a slick keytar and boombox, while director aaronisnotcool manages to capture the moment in a meandering, three-and-a-half minute shot. The action unfolded along a waterfall deep in one of Brooklyn's most enchanting public parks, on an autumn day we won't soon forget. 

After you check out the video, be sure to stream the studio version of "Winding" while you browse our gallery of behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot. Banshee is available on iTunes.