BKLYN1834 is a talent incubator for young artists in Brooklyn, who live in a Victorian home in Ditmas Park, and create music, art, comedy, and other related concepts. 



BKLYN1834 is designed to help young artists, providing them with a place to live, record, develop content, and collaborate. To date, more than 50 artists have either lived in "The Club Casa", or collaborated with the artists who live there.

The goal of BKLYN1834 is to open a network of Clubhouses across the country, and the world, in cities where creators live and collaborate. Our Clubhouses, along with digital content that is created by our larger network of talent, will ultimately create a global community of BKLYN1834 artists and content.

Today, more and more brands understand the power of grassroots ideas, want to work directly with the maker community, and the BKLYN1834 Clubhouse is filled with artists who make things. Brooklyn was founded in 1834, and its rich 180 year history of creativity and independence is alive and well in Ditmas Park today. 


JAY JENNINGS (@yayennings)

AARON VAZQUEZ (@aaronisnotcool)

ELIZABETH GODLEY (@elizabethgodley)

CADE SADLER (@dunstonchecksin)


NOLAN THIES (@nolan_thies)

DANNY GARCIA (@garciadanny)