denitia and sene. call u.

Director: aaronisnotcool
Executive Producer: BKLYN1834
LP: his and hers. (2013)

BKLYN1834 proudly presents the last official visuals from denitia and sene's debut LP, his and hers. The ethereal video was shot at The Club Casa, an artist residence housed in a Victorian-style mansion in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Nearly a year after the iTunes release of his and hers., the 60-second video commemorated the LP's vinyl release on February 11, 2014.

Director aaronisnotcool reflected the song's minimalist production using profile shots of the artists' silhouettes. Aaron succeeds in bringing the darker, more elusive aspects of the artists' personas to the forefront without eliminating the playfulness and wit for which they are known. The "call u." video is an intimate portrait of two rising stars.