Ro James - Get out my way

Our vision for this video wasn’t complicated. Ro James’ message is about trudging forward through the good and bad. For that reason, we wanted to have him be in an entirely empty area, with nobody around to be in his way. The song also has a cool bounce to it, so we wanted to it the visuals and the style to match. Ro has no problem being cool.


It was important to us to preserve Pharoahe’s use of double entendre that he uses within the song. We’ve seen this before with Monch, in "Stray Bullet" and "Gun Draws", he personifies the bullet and the violence. However in this story, he is the affected by substance abuse personified or a drug metaphor for an addictive relationship. We didn’t want to go either way because we felt like it was important to the song to be up to the listener’s interpretation, and we wanted to create a piece that did the same thing.
-aaron. (Director)

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