It was important to us to preserve Pharoahe’s use of double entendre that he uses within the song. We’ve seen this before with Monch, in "Stray Bullet" and "Gun Draws", he personifies the bullet and the violence. However in this story, he is the affected by substance abuse personified or a drug metaphor for an addictive relationship. We didn’t want to go either way because we felt like it was important to the song to be up to the listener’s interpretation, and we wanted to create a piece that did the same thing.
-aaron. (Director)


The first official music video for denitia and sene’s upcoming sidefxEP. AND our first music video we ever filmed (we filmed this over a year ago). We hope you enjoy this trippy run that was written and directed by our art director, aaron. Keep your eye on denitia and sene in 2015.

This music video is about life within a nightmare. We all chase what we want but sometimes we're dragged away by others or we're scared to run alone for what we believe in.
- aaron (Director)